Year 6

With Mrs Byrne & Miss Smith

Hi Year 6!

Please use the learning tasks set on this page to complete whilst you are learning from home. Lessons for each subject on the timetable below have been set for you to help you continue with your learning. If you need any help, please email.

You will also find a copy of the homework grid for the half term on this page. Use the 'useful links' at the bottom of the page to visit websites such as Purple Mash and TT Rockstars etc. There will be homework tasks set on Purple Mash each half term.

Remember, you can contact us by email on Any work completed will also need to be sent to us on this email address.

Let us know if you need any help or have any questions.

Mrs Byrne and Miss Smith


Click the logo to log in!

Remember to log in to My On to practise your reading skills each day using your Accelerated Reader details.

Once you have finished reading your book, take the book quiz. When you log in, you will find projects set that you need to complete. If you need any help with your login, then please contact us on TEAMS or by email.

Will you be one of our top 3 readers this week?

Super commitment even during half term! Well done! Our top readers for the week beginning 14.2.21 are . . .




Week Beginning 22.2.21

Monday - 'MyOn' or 'Oxford Owl'. If using 'MyOn', remember to take your quiz once you complete the text. Use the links below to login.

Tuesday - Complete one of the projects that have been set for you on MyOn. Remember to read the book and complete the writing task.

Wednesday - Exploring the text 'Greenling' by Levi Pinfold. CLICK HERE to access lesson 1 - To engage with a text.

Thursday - Complete reading 2Dos set on Purple Mash or read on My On.


Click on the day to access each lesson.

Week beginning 22.2.21 - Revision

Monday - To explore simple past, present and future tense.

Tuesday - To explore past, present and future progressive tense.

Wednesday - To revise past, present and future progressive tense.

Thursday - To explore the function of apostrophes.

Friday - To revise using apostrophes.

English - WRITING

Spring 2 - Balanced Arguments. All work in the English folder below under Spring 2.

Week Beginning 22.2.21

Monday - COLD TASK Write a balanced argument with the title 'Should children have to wear a School uniform?' Think about what you need to write and how you think you should write it.

Tuesday - LO: To put forward facts for a debate. Watch these 2 video clips on whether children should wear school uniforms in school. Clip 1, Clip 2 . Make some notes on what you believe. Then watch this next clip of a class having a debate. Clip 3. Using your notes, write up if you are for or against school uniforms giving your reasons.

Wednesday - LO: To identify and use causal conjunctions. Look through the power point in the English folder, spring 2 wb 22.2.21 and complete the worksheet.

Thursday - LO: To identify and use fronted adverbials. Look through the PowerPoint in the same file as Wednesday labelled Thursday and then complete the worksheet. Also CLICK HERE for a video on fronted adverbials.

Friday - LO: To know the features of a balanced argument. CLICK HERE to watch a video clip. Look in the same English folder wb 22.2.21. Choose Fridays worksheet and highlight the features (bottom of the sheet) of a balanced argument in one colour and find an example in the text 'Should children eat chocolate for breakfast?'.

Remember to email your completed work to us!


Daily Rapid Reasoning questions! Practise your reasoning skills with these questions. (Each day can be found in the maths file called 'Rapid Reasoning')

Previous maths work set can be found in the 'maths' folder.

Measurement - Activities for this week's lessons are in the maths 'Spring 2 - wb 22.2.21' folder.

Week beginning 22.2.21 - Measurement

CLICK HERE to access the teaching videos for the lessons set below.

Monday – Metric measures

Tuesday – Convert metric measures

Wednesday – Calculate with metric measures

Thursday – Miles and kilometres

Friday – Imperial measures

Click on the links in the 'Useful Websites' area below to access maths games and activities.


Spring 2 - Light

Complete one lesson per week.

Click on the lesson number to access the teaching video.

Take notes while you are watching to help with your learning.

Lesson 1 – What is light and where does it come from?

Lesson 2 – What is reflection and how can we use it?

Lesson 3 – What is refraction and how can we use it?

Lesson 4 – How do we see light?

Lesson 5 – Where do different colours come from?

Lesson 6 – What are some uses of light?

Further resources and learning about this topic can also be found on BBC Bitesize. CLICK HERE to access.


Complete one topic lesson per week.

Explore the 'Spring 2 Sources of Energy' folder below for Creative Curriculum lessons for you to complete about the topic for this half term.

There are different lessons set exploring energy sources.

The lessons are numbered in the 'Topic' file below. Click the topic file and then the 'Spring 2 Sources of Energy'. Read the word document in each file for the lesson activities set.


Complete P.E lessons as stated on the timetable.

Please click here for your PE lessons from Mr Fogarty.

Remember, that while we are in lockdown, it is important to keep yourself active and healthy not just for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental health. There are workouts available to do at any time on Joe Wicks' YouTube channel - CLICK HERE to access.

Remember to email your completed work to us!


Spring 2 - 'You've Got A Friend In Me'.

You will need to log in to YUMU on Charanga to find the unit for 'You've Got A Friend In Me'. CLICK HERE for the log in page.

Your username is your full name and your password is your class name (all lowercase) For example, if Bob Jones was in Pigeon class, his login details would be: Username: bobjones Password: pigeon.

There are other songs and resources for you to explore on YUMU.


Spring 2

Artist study of Henri Rousseau.

Start each session with a warm up. These are in the Spring 2 Art file.

Lesson 1 - Research the artist Henri Rousseau and create a fact file. There is a template in the folder for you to use if you would like to.

Lesson 2 - Look closely at the photo pack showing pieces of Rousseau's work. Read the prompt questions and record you thoughts.

Lesson 3 - Create a copy of a piece from the photo pack. Look very closely at the piece and copy it carefully.

Lesson 4 and 5 - Create your own piece of art work inspired by a piece of Henri Rousseau's art work. Plan your ideas and then create!


Login to Language Angels Home Learning website for your Spanish lessons.

This term our topic is Healthy Lifestyle. Use the link below and click on 'FREE'. Enter the log in details:

Username- Intake4155

Password - lahome

Once logged in, make sure you click the Spanish flag. Look on the green Super Challenge Level for Unit 6:La Comida Sana (Healthy Lifestyle) Complete a lesson each week.

CLICK HERE to log in for your Spanish lessons

Art Project 2021 - 'View from my window'

An art project for you to complete at home! See the Art project 2021 file in the Art folder below. Closing date 26.2.21

Remember to email your completed work to us!


Spring term - Humanism

Complete one lesson per week.

CLICK HERE for RE lessons to explore about Humanism. There are ten lessons to complete.

Spring 1 - Lessons 1 - 5

Spring 2 - Lessons 6 - 10


Complete one lesson per week

CLICK HERE for the Oak Academy unit 'Eat well, live well'. There are six lessons in the unit.

More PSHE activities from SCARF that you can complete at home are available too. These activities are about 'Valuing Difference'. CLICK HERE to access the page.


Every Friday afternoon is Forest School!

Please click here for your Forest School lesson from Miss Haworth.

Remember to send your work to Miss Haworth on


Below you can see the folders where we will share the materials you will need for your learning. Open the folder and click the file you need to open or save.


If you have any questions or to send us your work, please email us on this address 😀


In this section, you will find your homework overview for the half term. A copy can also be found in the 'Homework' file below. Please complete the activities as instructed on the grid.


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Pelicans username: pelicansmrsb

Pelicans password: pelicans20

Eagles username: eaglesmisssmith

Eagles password: eagles20

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Maths and English activities

Don’t forget your username is your first name and initial of surname then the school postcode.

So Mickey Mouse would be:


The password is password.

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Useful resources




Multiplication square

Click here for an online place value grid to help you with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1000. (Remember if multiplying you move the numbers left and if dividing you move the numbers to the right).