Year 6

With Mr Miller & Mrs Byrne


The closing date for high school admissions is 31/10/21. We will be sending information home from high schools as we receive it. You can apply for your child's high school place online by clicking HERE. You will need to register to create an account if this is the first time that you are applying for a high school place. If you have any questions, please ask us.

Friday afternoons - Autumn term

Pelicans class will be swimming so please ensure that your child has a swimming kit (costume, towel and swimming hat) Your child must wear school uniform on a Friday.

Eagles class will be doing Forest school so please ensure your child attends school on a Friday in suitable clothing.

Hi Year 6! Welcome to Eagles and Pelicans!

On this page, you will find information and learning tasks set that you can complete at home to support our learning in school. If you need any help, you can ask us in person at school or email us.

Should either of our Year 6 bubbles need to close, this page will be updated with lessons to complete for home learning.

This page will also be updated with any photos and videos of our learning in school. Take a look at our 'Year 6 Gallery' near the bottom of the page.

Use the 'useful links' below the 'Year 6 Gallery' to visit websites such as Purple Mash and TT Rockstars etc.

Remember, you can contact us by email on You can send us any work completed to this email address.

Let us know if you need any help or have any questions.

Mr Miller and Mrs Byrne


star Readers!

Who will be our Star Readers?

We are looking for Star Readers of the month and the term.

Happy reading everyone!

Click the logo to log in!

Remember to log in to My On to practise your reading skills each day using your Accelerated Reader details.

Once you have finished reading your book, take the book quiz. When you log in, you will find projects set that you need to complete. If you need any help with your login, then please contact us on TEAMS or by email.

Will you be one of our top 3 readers on My On?

We will be looking out each week for our top 3 readers.



  • Read at home on My On. Remember to take a quiz once you complete your book. Will you be in the top 3 readers this week?

  • Have a go at 'Reading Bingo'. CLICK HERE

  • Complete reading activities on Purple Mash.


  • Complete Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation revision activities on BBC Bitesize online by CLICKING HERE.

  • Complete Spelling 2Dos set on Purple Mash.

  • Have a go at a SPAG question a day by CLICKING HERE

  • Log in to IDL for spelling work to complete.

English - WRITING

There are five tasks:

1. Read the story starter and continue the story.

2. Sentence challenge adding adverbs.

3. Question time.

4. Improve the 'sick' sentences.

5. Perfect Picture

  • You could also have a go at using some creative writing prompts to write a story. CLICK HERE.

Remember to email your completed work to us!


Maths activities for you to complete at home:

  • Practise your 5-a-day Arithmetic on Corbett maths. You can choose your level of difficulty from bronze, silver, gold or platinum! CLICK HERE to access.

  • You can CLICK HERE to explore a maths calendar.

  • Log in to TT Rockstars to practise your times tables.

  • Visit BBC Bitesize to revise maths topics:

Place value - CLICK HERE

Multiplying and dividing - CLICK HERE

Rounding and estimating - CLICK HERE

Fractions - CLICK HERE

Click on the links in the 'Useful Websites' area below to access maths games and activities.


Working scientifically - Autumn 1

Explore the information below about working scientifically and what this means.

How to use scientific equipment - CLICK HERE

How to record and represent findings - CLICK HERE

Drawing conclusions and evaluating - CLICK HERE


For Autumn 1, our topic is The Golden Age of Islam exploring Early Islamic Civilisation.

  • Research key figures/important people in The Golden Age of Islam. What did they do? Why were they important?

  • Present your information however you would like. This could be a poster, PowerPoint, booklet etc.


  • Please click here for PE lessons that you can access from Mr Fogarty.

  • Remember, it is important to keep yourself active and healthy not just for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental health. There are workouts available to do at any time on Joe Wicks' YouTube channel - CLICK HERE to access.

Remember to email your completed work to us!


There are songs and resources for you to explore on YUMU

Your username is your full name and your password is your class name (all lowercase) For example, if Bob Jones was in Pigeon class, his login details would be: Username: bobjones Password: pigeon.


Art in Islam is dominated by geometric designs usually with patterns, colour, texture and calligraphy. Islamic art is different because it is not just decorative but reminds the viewer of Allah (pbuh). A lot of Islamic art is used for carpets, on buildings, especially mosques, as well as to hang on the wall.

Research and create your own inspired piece.


  • You can log in to Language Angels Home Learning website to revise and practise your Spanish skills!

Use the link below and click on 'FREE'. Enter the log in details:

Username- Intake4155

Password - lahome

Once logged in, make sure you click the Spanish flag. Look at the units and choose any you would like to revise or practise

CLICK HERE to log in.

Remember to email your completed work to us!


  • Research the history of the religion of Islam.

  • Create an information booklet or poster.


  • Think about what you would like to achieve this year and any worries that you might have.


  • Please click here for Forest School activities from Miss Haworth.

Remember to send your work to


Below you can see the folders where we will share the materials you will need for your learning. Open the folder and click the file you need to open or save.


Watch this space for videos and photos of our learning.


If you have any questions or to send us your work, please email us on this address 😀


Use your Accelerated Reader login to access online books on 'My ON'. You can login in to search for eBooks to read linked to your Accelerated Reader account. CLICK HERE or on the my ON logo to go to the login page.

If you need any help with your login, please ask

Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.

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Maths and English activities

Don’t forget your username is your first name and initial of surname then the school postcode.

So Mickey Mouse would be:


The password is password.

FREE audiobooks!

Click on the 'Audible stories' icon to choose a story to listen to from a great collection. There are lots of stories for you to choose from!

Useful resources




Multiplication square

Click here for an online place value grid to help you with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1000. (Remember if multiplying you move the numbers left and if dividing you move the numbers to the right).