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Welcome Reception!

Below you will find a message from your teachers and some work to do during this period of lockdown.

Please email us any questions or work you have completed to the email address below.

A message from your class teachers

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year break and make the most of your time being at home, whilst keeping safe.

Remember that you can always contact us if you have any questions on the email address below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

This term our topic will be toys. We will be looking at how toys are made, comparing toys from the past and looking at how they were different to the toys we play with today. We will also have a go at making some of our own toys.

We look forward to seeing all your amazing work that you do whilst you are at home and are excited for another fantastic half term.

Mrs Kell and Mrs Wogden

Suggested timetable


Click here for your maths lessons for this week WB 22/02/21

Monday: Representing and sorting 9 and 10

Tuesday: Representing and sorting 9 and 10

Wednesday: Ordering numerals to 10

Thursday: Composition of 9 and 10

Friday: Numbers to 10 Bingo

You can find extra activities in the maths folder at the bottom of this page. Don't worry about printing them out you can write the answers on a piece of paper.


Please have a pencil and paper ready for each lesson.

This week we are recapping the sounds and tricky words we have learnt so far this term. Start each day by watching these videos and then choose one of the activities below.

Phase 2 recap

Phase 3 recap

If your child needs help to remember the phase 2 sounds please visit the activities in the recap section below as often as possible.

Activity 1: What tricky word can you see?

Activity 2: What sound can you see?

Activity 3: Shoot the words!

Activity 4: Tricky word hunt

Activity 5: Snap

Activity 6: Cross the river

Can you find objects in your house to fred talk?

Below you will find a phase 3 folder. In there are all the videos with the sounds that we have learnt. They are available for you to recap with your child if you feel you need to or if you missed any.

There are also some extra activities in the phonics folder at the bottom of this page. Don't worry about printing them out you can complete them by reading them on your device.

Phase 2 sounds recap activities

Click on this link to recap all of your phase 2 sounds

Click on this link to recap all of your phase 2 tricky words

Play pick a picture. Click here for the game. Your child needs to read the word and then choose the matching picture

Play buried treasure. Click here for the game. Read the word and then decide whether it is real or fake.

Click this link to recap phase 2 sounds and to practise segmenting and blending words recap 'n' recap 'm'

Click on this link to recap all phase 2 sounds on cars

Topic: Spring into Spring!

This week will be our first looking at our new topic of Spring into Spring! We will be using our eyes and ears and looking and listening for all the signs of Spring that we can see around us.

Activity 1: Go on a Spring hunt. Look out for buds, birds, flowers, insects and green leaves. I wonder what you will find!

Activity 2: Draw a picture of a flower. Can you label the petal, stem and leaves?

Activity 3: Keep a weather diary for the week. Look outside of your window and see what the weather is like each day. You could draw either a sun, rain cloud or just a cloud in each box.

Activity 4: In Spring it rains a lot to help all the new plants grow. Make a rain gage to see just how much it does rain! Watch this video on how to make one There is also paper instructions in the Spring file below.

Talk 4 writing

PSHE: Rights and Responsibilities

Looking after my special people.

Talk about who are the people in your family, who looks after your family and how do you help to look after your family?

Although adults look different to children, sometimes they need looking after too. You can help to look after their feelings! How could you do this? By giving them a hug, keeping your bedroom tidy, doing as you are asked first time.

Think about how you might help these people in these situations.

  • Your Dad/Mum/Grandma/Uncle is working hard to get dinner ready.

  • Your sister is sick

  • Your Mum/Dad has come home and looks very tired.

Draw a picture of all the special people in your family, label your picture and tell somebody how you will look after each person.

A view from my window

Over the next few weeks we will be taking part in a whole school Art project called 'A view from my window'.

I want you to have a go at completing a piece of work that represents a view from your window. It can be a real view or a made up view.

Task 1: Have some fun completing these drawing starters. You will find some in the art folder below. You could draw something with your eyes closed, draw a picture using your other hand or don't take your pencil off the paper.

Task 2: Look at the different artists and their work in the art folder below and choose you favourite. Can you find out some facts about that artist?

  • What is he/she called?

  • Where did/do they live?

  • What did they like to draw/ paint?

Task 3: Look closely at the picture you have chosen and have a go at copying it.

Task 4: Look out of a window. What can you see? Remember it doesn't have to be the real view it can be any view you want it to be! Go and create!

You can use any art materials you have at home to create your picture; crayons, paint, pencil. You could even do it on Purple Mash. Remember, just have fun and good luck.

All pieces of work need to be emailed in by the 26h February 2021 to add onto our Virtual Art Exhibition to

Communication and Language

This weeks talking picture is The pet shop. Look at the picture and work through the tier questions. You don't have to ask all of them. Maybe choose 5 from each tier depending on how well your child answers them.

twinkl go

We have set up some games for you to play to help develop your phonics, maths and fine motor skills. These are all interactive games that can be played on a tablet or phone. All you need to do is go to and put in the code LK0457 into the child's login box. Have fun playing the games!

Dough Disco!

Below are some videos that your child can follow and join in with. All they need is a ball of play dough! If you don't have any then below is a simple recipe to make your own at home

  1. If your happy and you know it

  2. I like to

  3. Baby Shark mash up

Play Dough Recipe

1 cup of flour (it doesn't matter whether its plain or self raising)

1/2 cup of table salt

1 tbsp of vegetable oil

1 tbsp of cream of tartar (if you don't have this then it will still work, it just wont last as long)

food colouring

(approx) 1 cup of boiling water (add this slowly until it feels like you have added just a bit to much)

Allow it to cool for a bit and then take out your dough and knead it until all the stickiness has gone. Add more flour/ water if needed.

Wrap up in clingfilm and store in the fridge to keep it longer.

ICT: Purple Mash

Click on the Purple Mash image to access some activities that your child can do on a tablet or laptop. These activities include maths, reading and writing, games, drawing and painting and music. Explore and have fun!

username: reception

password: reception1


We have set up a music site for you to access whilst you are a t homne. The children will be able to follow along with what they would be covering if they were in school.

Click on this link. Username is your child's first and last name without any spaces. Password is their class. Either penguins or swallows.

We hope you enjoy your music lessons.


Please click here for your Forest School lesson from Miss Haworth


Please click here for your PE lesson from Mr Fogarty

Inside these files are some more activities for you to complete based on what we have been learning previously.

You will need a printer for some of them.

We have also added colour folder that links to your child's target for Spring term. Please have a look at the activities in the corresponding folder and work through them with your child to help them achieve their targets.

Remember, any questions or concerns email us on We're here to help!

Extra activities

Useful websites

Phonics games

Phonics games

Oxford Owls:
reading books

Cosmic Kids

Topmarks - Maths games

BBC Bitesize - Maths

Oak National Academy - Maths

WhiteRose Maths

Cbeebies games

Intack Facebook page


Letter Join

Username: intack_7

Password: nursery

Movement and mindfulness

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