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Hello Reception!

We are looking forward to learning and exploring this half term with you.

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Our PE day is Thursday. Please remember to wear your PE uniform from home.
Our PE uniform is a white t-shirt, blue tracksuit and trainers.

Please make sure your child brings a warm winter coat everyday and appropriate shoes for outdoor play.

Take care,
Mrs Naylor and Mrs Wogden

Mrs Naylor

Swallows Class

Mrs Wogden

Penguins Class


Our curriculum is designed around the needs of our young children and is organised into seven areas of Learning and Development.

Communication and Language experiences are about:

  • Listening, attention and Understanding

  • Speaking

Personal, Social and Emotional experiences are about:

  • Self Regulation

  • Managing Self

  • Building Relationships

Physical Development experiences are about:

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Fine Motor Skills

Literacy experiences are about:

  • Comprehension

  • Word Reading

  • Writing

Mathematics experiences are about:

  • Number

  • Numerical Patterns

Understanding the World experiences are about:

  • Past and Present

  • People, Cultures and Communities

Expressive Arts & Design experiences are about:

  • Creating with Materials

  • Being Imaginative and Expressive

Autumn 2: what we will be learning

A World of Colour

This half term will be learning about the colourful world around us. We learn about the seasonal changes all around us and enjoy a welly walk. We will be learning about different festivals and celebrations that take place at this time of year such as Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas.

We will continue to do lots of singing each day, learning new songs weekly and listening to some fabulous stories. We will also learn of by heart our focus story The Enormous Turnip. We will be practisng this all half term and adding our own actions to help us rmember it. We are hoping that by the end of the term we will be good enough so you can come and listen to us tell you the story.

Our key vocabulary this half term : Festival, celebration, Autumn leaves, fireworks, bonfire, hibernate, seasons and Christmas

Communication and language

We will be doing lots of talking and learning all about each other. We will read stories and discuss what the vocabulary means in them. Using new vocabulary day to day will be encouraged and will be a focus.

Personal, Social and Emotional

Valuing difference

  • I’m special, your special

  • Same and different

  • Same and different families

  • Same and different homes

  • Kind and caring

Physical Development

Gross Motor

We will be focusing on developing our fundamental movement skills. These include runnig, jumping, hopping, catching and throwing. We will focus on one each week to help us improve it.

Fine Motor

We will continue our fine motor mornings focusing on scissor skills, pencil control and develop the correct formation of letters during phonics.

Literacy - Phonics

We are continuing Phase 2 phonics and revising previous sound we have learnt daily. Each day we will learn a new sound and then on a Friday we will revist these sounds.

31/10/22 - ff, ll, ss, j

7/11/22 - v, w, x, y

14/11/22 - z, zz, qu, words with s on the end, ch

21/11/22 - sh, th, ng, nk

28/11/22 - word with s added on the end, word with s /z/ added on the end

5/12/22 - assessment

Home work will be sent home each Friday so you can support your child's learning at home. The sheets are in the phonics folder at the bottom of this page.


We have been spending time getting to know the children and what they can do already. We will then support them to learn the things they struggle with ready to start our maths scheme, White Rose Maths in week 4.

Just like me - from week 4

Understanding the World

We will explore all the different celebrations and festivals that take place at this time of year. We will start to understand that people celebrate different things and not everyone believes in the same thing.

We will look at how the weather is changing and start to notices and talk about the different seasons and changes that are taking place daily.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will have a focus on colour mixing and exploring ways of making our own colours using only the primary colours; red, blue and yellow.

Wow moments!

Last week Reception had a special visitor!

The police came in to talk to us all about how they help us. We loved trying on their uniform!

We went pumpkin picking!

All the children had a great time picking their own pumpkins up on the field that we kindly donated by Mrs Dowson farm park. We then chopped them and scooped them and made our very own pumpkin soup! Yummy yummy!


Below are folders where we share the materials you will need if you need to isolate at home.

Just open the folder and click the file you need to open and save.

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