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We are looking forward to learning and exploring this half term with you.

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Our PE day is Wednesday. Please remember to wear your PE uniform from home. Our PE uniform is a white t-shirt, black jogging bottoms/leggings, socks, trainers and your school jumper.

Please make sure your child brings a warm winter coat everyday and appropriate shoes for outdoor play.

Take care and stay safe, Miss Duerden and Mrs Wogden

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Swallows Class

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Penguins Class

Our curriculum is designed around the needs of our young children and is organised into seven areas of Learning and Development.

Communication and Language experiences are about:

  • Listening, attention and Understanding

  • Speaking

Personal, Social and Emotional experiences are about:

  • Self Regulation

  • Managing Self

  • Building Relationships

Physical Development experiences are about:

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Fine Motor Skills

Literacy experiences are about:

  • Comprehension

  • Word Reading

  • Writing

Mathematics experiences are about:

  • Number

  • Numerical Patterns

Understanding the World experiences are about:

  • Past and Present

  • People, Cultures and Communities

Expressive Arts & Design experiences are about:

  • Creating with Materials

  • Being Imaginative and Expressive

Summer 2: what we will be learning

Our Wonderful World

This half term we have received a special letter from another country. We are going to be looking at the human and physical features of Blackburn and compare it to the place that our special letter has arrived from. We will research the country and find out lots of interesting facts. We will also be looking at any differences in food and animals.

Our key text is Mr Gumpy's Outing.

Our key vocabulary this half term : compare, similarities, differences, human features, physical features, country, weather, temperature, food, taste, live, animals and habitat.

Communication and language

Retelling stories they have been told.

Using new vocabulary day to day.

Personal, Social and Emotional

Growing and changing

Knowing about the different seasons and what happens during each season. Looking at life stages for animals, plants and humans. Learning about our bodies and getting bigger.

Physical Development

Gross Motor

Turn taking games.

Fine Motor

Hold a pencil effectively, using the tripod method to develop a fluent style of handwriting.


Word Reading and Comprehension: Click on the link to access some reading books at home to help develop your child's reading skills.

Choose from the right of the screen Rocket phonics, pink A. Then choose a story to read. Each one has a quiz and a selection or questions at the end that will help them with their comprehension.

Reading Planet

Writing: Practise your handwriting on

Understanding the World

Comparing Blackburn with different places and countries. Looking at and sorting human and physical features in the countries. Learning about animal habitats.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will have a focus on creating Tinga Tinga art with printing. We will create a fruit platter using fruits from a different country.

Our Author Visit

We loved having a real author come in and read us a story. The book was called Stuart the Wrestling Seal and it was was written by Janek Puzon. The children were all fabulous listeners and came up with some really good questions at the end of the session.


Below are folders where we share the materials you will need if you need to isolate at home.

Just open the folder and click the file you need to open and save.

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