With Mrs Makda and Miss Carroll

Welcome Year 1!

Welcome back after the half term break! We hope you managed to get some rest and ready for more fun learning!

Below, you will find a message from your class teachers and some work to do at home, during the lockdown period. You will also find your homework for this half term, useful links to games and resources and spellings to practise.

Please email us any questions or work you have done, using the email address

Woodpeckers & Owls

We hope you all had an enjoyable break and made the most of your time at home, whilst keeping safe.

We know things are very different again because of the lockdown, but we will still be here to help you with your work online and be in touch via email and online sessions.

This half term we will be learning about Handa's Surprise, Length and Height, Plants, Our Local Area and Plant Art.
We will also continue to look at how the weather changes over the next few months.

We are looking forward to another exciting half term!

Mrs Makda & Miss Carroll

HOME LEARNING, Week Beginning 22.02.2021

Below, in each subject area, you will find tasks to complete with your child and email back to us. We understand that this might be a difficult time for you, but please try and complete as many tasks as you can with your child and we look forward to seeing them online daily and work submitted via email. Please keep checking your emails and text messages during these times for regular updates. Many thanks for your continued support and cooperation.

Please kindly note that staff will not be available online outside of school hours. If you need to contact a member of staff outside of school hours, please contact the school office. Thank you.

Please try and keep to the times in the timetable below.
We are not expecting your child to work more than what is in the timetable each day. Thank you :)


Phonics lessons will take place daily online at 9.30am via Microsoft Teams.

Look in the Phonics folder below for some activity sheets for you to complete and stories to read.

Click here for more phonics videos.


Thursday 25th February

LO: I can develop and demonstrate my understanding of characters and events through role play and drama.

Retell the story of Handa's Surprise, using the story map created in Tuesday's lesson.

Watch the story again here.

Task: Use role-play and drama to retell the story of Handa's Surprise, you can use objects or fruits that you have in your house to help you remember the adjectives describing the fruits.

Please email me any work, photos or videos of the work you complete at home, thank you, Mrs Makda :)


Thursday 25th February

LO: I can measure length through reasoning and problem solving.

Recap what we already know about height and length. Remember to use key words such as short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller, tallest, long, longer, longest. Watch today's video here, titled Measure Length Activity.

Task: Look in the Maths folder below, for today's activity sheet.

Please remember to email me any work or photos of the work you complete at home, thank you, Mrs Makda :)

Topic / Science

There is no topic / science work today.

Today we are focusing on RE. Please look in the RE tab below for today's activity.

Please remember to email me any work or photos of the work you complete at home, thank you, Mrs Makda :)

Religious Education

There is no RE work today.

Today we are focusing on PSHE. Please look in the PSHE tab below for today's activity.

Please remember to email me any work or photos of the work you complete at home, thank you, Mrs Makda :)


Harold's Wash up and Brush up

Thursday 25th February

Children will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of regular hygiene routines;

  • Sequence personal hygiene routines into a logical order.


Start by telling your child n a funny story about your morning routine. For example...

“Every morning, as part of my daily routine I set my alarm to wake me up, I get up, have a shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, have my breakfast - I always have toast and orange juice, then put on my muddy outdoor shoes and I walk my dog. On week days, when I get home I change out of my muddy shoes and put on my shoes for school; I always leave these at the back door of my house. Then I come to school. But this morning, just as I was changing my shoes, the doorbell rang. It was the postman delivering a parcel that was too big to fit through my letter box. I had a quick chat with the postman and then realised the time… I was going to be late for school! I quickly put on my coat and left straight away. It was only once I got to school and the other teachers were giving me funny looks that I realised what I had done…I had only changed one of my shoes!”

This story can lead to the fact that there are some things that we do every day and that we are responsible for doing. Encourage your child to talk about things that they do every day.

“Why do you think it so important that we have daily hygiene routines?”

If your child hasn't heard of Harold the giraffe before, explain that he is a very healthy, happy giraffe. You can model good practice - e.g. correct hand washing and tooth brushing techniques - and the children can join in. Go through Harold's morning routine below, with your child.

  1. flush toilet

  2. wash hands

  3. go downstairs

  4. open cereal packet

  5. pour on milk

  6. eat cereal

  7. go upstairs

  8. brush teeth

  9. sneeze

  10. blow nose

  11. wash hands again

Activity - Harold's daily morning routine

Give out the Harold's morning routine Activity sheet, from the PSHE folder below and a long strip of paper.

Encourage your child to try to remember the order of Harold's routine then cut out each of the 6 squares, sequence them and stick them onto the long strips of paper.

Ask your child to draw 2 additional things that Harold might do before he goes to school. e.g. choose something for his lunch box or get his schoolbag ready. Children can add things that they do in the morning.


Share the finished sequencing sheets. Allow children to tell you about the other routine items they added. Ask your child if they have any ideas why it is important to:

  • wash hands

  • brush teeth

  • eat breakfast etc.

Remind your child that these are things that they are now old enough to take responsibility for doing themselves.

Please remember to email me any work or photos of the work you complete at home, thank you, Mrs Makda :)


Over the next few weeks we will be focussing more on our art work.
We will be
carrying out an art project called ‘A View from my Window.’

I want you to create a piece of art work that represents a view from your window.

Please complete the tasks below each week.

To be completed at the start of each art activity
Task 1: Complete one the drawing warm-up activities from the art folder below.

Week Beginning 1st February
Task 2: Look at all the different artists and their work in the art folder below. Choose the one you like the most and find out some interesting facts about the artist. Complete the artist facts sheet in the art folder.

Week Beginning 8th February
Task 3: Look closely at a piece of work from the artist you like the most and have a go at copying it.

Week Beginning 15th and 22nd February
Task 4: Now look out of a window of your choice. What can you see?

The actual view from your window?

An imaginary view from your window? (e.g. a window into your dreams)

The view you want for the future when you look out of your window?

It is completely up to you what you create. You can use any materials and resources in your house. This could include, crayons, paint, paper, fabrics. It is your art work so be as creative as you can.

I would like to see your amazing art work by 26th February 2021. Good Luck Year 1! :)

Useful Websites

Please remember to email me your amazing art work, Mrs Makda :)

Forest School

Please click here for your Forest School lesson from Miss Haworth.

Physical Education (PE)

Please click here for your PE lesson from Mr Fogarty

Please use the words under Spelling lists, to do spellings with your child. Your child is expected to know most of the spellings by the end of the school year in preparation for Year 2.

Please log in to Letter Join, under the Useful Websites section and choose letters and words for your child to practise their Handwriting with. Log in details can be found alongside the link for either class.

Please use Oxford Owl to read with your child. Log in details can be found under Useful Websites.

PARENT HELP - Please remember if you can't print worksheets, you can make your own or simply write answers on a piece of paper and email us a photo of it. You can also send us a short video clip of your child completing the work orally.

Please remember to email us your work.
Include your name in the email and the topic name.
We are looking forward to seeing your work! :)


Activity File Share

Below you can see the folders where we share the resources you will need for your learning.
Just open the folder and click the file you need to open & save.
You can ask a grown-up to attach your work to an email and send it to your teachers to check! :)

Contact Us & Email your work

Please send your child's work to the email address below. Feel free to ask us any questions too! 😀
Please remember to put your child's name in the subject line. Thank you


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