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Remote Learning - Spring

While your child is at home they can still access activities planned by your teachers and Nursery Nurses. Keep checking this page for activities. We would like you complete one or two tasks a day. Once you have completed the tasks please send to this email address :

All children that complete activities will be put on the gold star and get a special reward when they/we return to school. Emails are checked daily. A photograph or comment of which task they have done is all we need.

Week commencing 22.02.21

Here are your HOME REMOTE LEARNING tasks. If you would like any other suggestions please email the teachers and we can peronalise work for you or give you a timetable. Don't forget a telephone appointment with the teachers can be made at anytime to discuss working from home and how best to structure the routine of carrying out tasks.


Our focus this half term is learning about People Who Help us. We will be reading lots of the Busy People Stories by Lucy George to create interest and discussion about the people that help us in our community.

This week our focus begins in our home corner and talking about the people that help us at home.

Please listen to Builders By Lucy George once Mrs Forrest has read it in nursery.

Listen to the story by Julia Jarman named The Big, Yellow Digger . Can you join in with the voice sounds? Talk about the story together.

Mark making

Mark making activity this week. Please send a photo if you can of your work.

Play builders. Can you design and make a house like a builder? Choose one of your favourite toy. Can you design a house on paper for your favourite character?

Spiderman and Elsa are popular characters in Nursery so we will be designing a house for those characters. We will take pictures and put some on here for you to see as examples.

Look out for buildings of interest in local area on your daily walk. Discuss how we need builders to help us make these buildings. Look at special buidlings like the local Mosque or Church. Draw a special place together.

Understanding of the world

People Who Help Us

This week we are focusing on builders and helping in the house.

Watch this weeks episode of Let's Play to create a discussion about builders and the jobs they do. Stand outside your own house and talk about some of the features that you can see. What is your house built from? Can the children identify the bricks that your house or flat is built from. What are windows made from? Can you see through them? What is your front door made from?. Build a house using building bricks at home or maybe make one from an old cereal box or shoe box and try some junk modelling.

Using ICT - take a picture of different parts of your house on you phone or IPAD. Can you child tell you about the picture. Make it trickier by just taking a small picture for example not off the whole wall but of just a brick etc. Let your child take pictures with you.

Play the build a house game.


Watch one of these videos each week to help you engage with phonic activities that would be taught in Nursery.

Aspect 1 Environmental Sounds - watch this video to help listen out for sounds in the environement.

Aspect 2 Instrumental Sounds - click to play

Aspect 3 Body Percussion - click to play

Aspect 4 Rhythm and Rhyme - click to play

Aspect 5 Alliteration - click to play

Aspect 6 Voice Sounds - click to play

Aspect 7 Oral Blending and Segmenting - click to play

Email which activities you have taken part in.

Keeping fit and active

Make sure you are keeping fit and active in school. Mrs Forrest and Mrs Roberts are doing our daily exercises in Nursery each morning and making sure we use our daily exercise to take a 30 minute walk each day. We have been using our step counters on our watches to count how many steps we have done each day. Can you count how many steps you do on your next walk.

Move along to the Bob the Builder song. There are lots of dance moves to master in this song so make sure you join in as much as you can. Mrs Forrest and Mrs Roberts will be joining in! Send us a video of you joining in if you can.

We will be working hard in the home corner this week, washing clothes in the wash tub and hanging them out to dry. Pegging clothes onto a clothes line. We will be using the toy vacum to hoover around the house. If you have role play toys this will keep you fit and active this week.

We will also be keeping active by pretending to be window cleaners. We will have a bucket of water and will be busy wiping the windows with a cloth and sponge. This will keep us busy.

For other fun ways to keep fit click on the links below.

Joe Wicks Bhangra dance moves

Maths Focus - NUMBER

Numberblocks - Focus number this week is number 4.

Monday 8th - Numberblocks Episode 4 .

Tuesday - Squares and rectangles are shapes that have 4 straight sides. Can you cut some sqaure shapes out of paper? What pictures can you make using the shapes? Can you make a number 4 from the numberblocks using the sqaures? Will you put all the shapes on top of each other to make a tower or put two together and then add two on top? Send me you picture.

Wednesday - Number 4 is green. Can you find 4 green objects in your house? or collect 4 sticks or pebbles on your daily walk.

Thursday - Make 4 in different ways. Show number 4 on your fingers. Draw 4 lines. Collect 4 toys. Thread 4 pieces of pasta. Jump or clap 4 times.

Friday - Watch the clip if your child is interested in writing numbers.

Here are some number games for you to play together :

Teddy Numbers

Underwater Counting

Picture Matching

5 Fat sausages

Outdoor Learning

Tipi for Teddy

Can you make a simple shelter for teddy and friends indoors or out?

Bind 3 or more sticks together using string, an elastic band or natural materials. The longer the sticks, the bigger the tipi!

Now you have a simple tripod structure like the one in the picture above.

You can add a cover to your tipi such as an old sheet or blanket and use pegs to hold it in place.

You could get some of your toys to have a sleepover in it!

Activity File Share

Below you can see the folders where I share the materials you will need for your learning. Just open the folder and click the file you need to open & save.


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