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Welcome back to Nursery

On this page you will find weekly homework activities and suggested activities if you are isolating at home.

Once you have completed the tasks please send to this email address :

All children that complete activities will be put on the gold star and get a special reward when they/we return to school. Emails are checked daily. A photograph or comment of which task they have done is all we need.

Summer term

Here are your HOMEWORK tasks.

Mrs Forrest and Mrs Hackett will put homework activities on here for you to complete at home over this half term. Activities will be added and changed weekly so make sure you check each week which activities you would like to do.

Listen to and sing rhymes everyday

Listen to Nursery Rhymes daily. Click here.

Join in with them and sing them without the music.

Try and learn at least 5 that you know by heart. Our end of Nursery Goal is to sing Incy Wincy Spider, Humpty Dumpty, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep and at least one number nursery rhyme such as 5 Little Ducks confidently. Once your child knows all of the 5 rhymes being to listening to rhyming stories and listen for words that rhyme. If you child already knows these rhymes they have been working on rhyming stories.

Send in a video of you singing your songs so we can share with the children.

Stories for this week

Our end of Nursery Goal is to be able to talk about stories and join in with stories.

Our focus talk for writing story this term is Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? . Listen to the story/song together. Help your child join in with the repeated parts in the story. We are retelling the story each week. Ask your child to retell the story to you. We will send home a story map to help you do this.

We are also listening to the story Pete the Cat - I Love My White Shoes. Please listen to the story together.

After listening to the story focus on Who? Why? Where and How? questions.

Share the story over the week and join in with the repeated parts of the story.

Motor Skills

Dough Disco - use these video clips develop the muscles in your fingers ready for writing.

Incy Wincy Spider

Row Row you Boat / Baby Shark

Down in the jungle song

I like to song

If you would like a change from Dough Disco this week try and learn some of these simple finger play rhymes.

Grandma's Glasses

Garden Workout

Twinkle Twinkle Workout


If your child is ready to hold a pencil, here is a song to help get them pencil ready calle

Mark making

Name writing - Can you copy letters from your name?

Draw Pete the Cat and send it into the Nursery email address.

Explore large chalks in the garden to make different patterns and pictures.

Fill a old squirty clean washing up bottle filled with water and write your name in the garden using the water.

Understanding of the world

Colour mixing.

Activity 1 Add different colours to water using paints or food colourings. Can you explore the different colours you make together. Talk about what you can see and observe.

Make a coloured water sensory bottle and add glitter and sequins. Shine a torch next to the bottle. Shake your bottle and watch the glitter flitter. Comment on what you can see.

Activity 2

Colour mixing using sweets. Watch Ryan carry out a simple experiment. Can you try this at home.

Activity 3

Colour mixing magic bag. Take a resealable plasctic freezer bag and choose 2 colours of paint to pour inside. Only a small amount of paint is needed. Next, have fun mixing the paints together to make a brand new colour. Use red, blue and yellow paints to make green, orange and purple.


Watch one of these videos each week to help you engage with phonic activities that would be taught in Nursery.

Aspect 1 Environmental Sounds - watch this video to help listen out for sounds in the environement.

Aspect 2 Instrumental Sounds - click to play

Aspect 3 Body Percussion - click to play

Aspect 4 Rhythm and Rhyme - click to play

Aspect 5 Alliteration - click to play

Aspect 6 Voice Sounds - click to play

Aspect 7 Oral Blending and Segmenting - click to play

Email which activities you have taken part in.

Keeping fit and active

This half term our focus is games.

Game - Traffic Lights Please click on the link to watch how to play this game.

Send us a picture of you taking part if you can.

Ball skills - Can you throw and catch the ball together? Can you beat your personal best. Use different sized balls to make it easier or harder.

Maths Focus - NUMBER

Everyday count in daily routine. Snack time is a really good time to achieve this. Count out how many pieces of apple you would like or how many crackers and so on. Count as you walk up or down the stairs. Count cars and other things on your daily walk.

Games to play.

Teddy Numbers

Underwater Counting

Picture Matching

5 Fat sausages

There are lots of number rhymes linked to the number 5 . Listen to the rhymes together.

5 Little Speckled Frogs 5 Little Ducks 5 Monkeys

Watch Numberblocks together to create a discussion about number and counting.

Outdoor Learning

Rainbow Pebbles - can you find a pebble on your daily walks. If you can find a flat pebble, take it home and paint your pebble with a rainbow and put it in your garden.

Activity File Share

Below you can see the folders where I share the materials you will need for your learning. Just open the folder and click the file you need to open & save.


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