Hello Ducklings,

This term our topic is Shimmer and Sparkle. We will be learning about lots of exciting events and festivals, such as, Bonfire Night and Christmas.

Welly Wednesdays still take place on a Wednesday with Mrs Forest. You will use this time to explore our Forest School area of the school with a mud kitchen, rope tyres and outside free play.

Please remember to bring your library books back every Thursday so you can borrow a new book each week!

Mrs Clamp

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Our curriculum is designed around the needs of our young children and is organised into seven areas of
Learning and Development.

Communication and Language experiences are about:

  • Listening, attention and Understanding

  • Speaking

Personal, Social and Emotional experiences are about:

  • Self Regulation

  • Managing Self

  • Building Relationships

Physical Development experiences are about:

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Fine Motor Skills

Literacy experiences are about:

  • Comprehension

  • Word Reading

  • Writing

Mathematics experiences are about:

  • Number

  • Numerical Patterns

Understanding the World experiences are about:

  • Past and Present

  • People, Cultures and Communities

Expressive Arts & Design experiences are about:

  • Creating with Materials

  • Being Imaginative and Expressive

AUTUMN term What we be learning

Shimmer and Sparkle

Vocabulary we will focus on: Light/Dark, Day/Night, shimmer, sparkle, shine, firework, rocket, bang , explode, lights

Books we will be reading:

Where is Spot? - Eric Hill

Rosie's Glasses - David Whamond

My World, Your World - Melanie Walsh

We All Have Different Families - Melissa Higgins

We will focus lots of our time on singing nursery rhymes and learning actions for them. We will also learn Christmas/Winter themed songs to perform at our 'Christmas Sing and Stay' which will take place in December.

Communication and Language

In Nursery we listen to 5 stories or rhymes a day.

Click here to listen to lots of songs and nursery rhymes.

Here are the links to our core rhymes this term.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - please click here

Grown ups - you can send in a video of your child to the email address and we will share them with the class for a special rhyme time.

Personal, Social and Emotional

Our circle time sessions will be based on these themes.

  • Me & My Relationships

  • -Marvellous Me!

  • -I’m Special

  • -People Who are Special to Me

  • Growing & Changing

  • -Growing & Changing in Nature

  • -When I was a baby

  • -Girls, boys & families

Physical Development

Gross Motor

We will be all the equipment in the outdoor area each day. We will be using the balancing and climbing equipment. Using the pedal bikes, balance bikes and scooters. Setting up obstical courses that allow us to move and travel in different ways.

Fine Motor

We will be taking part in dough disco to develop our fine motor skills.

Video of Dough Disco basic moves.

Dough Disco - use these video clips develop the muscles in your fingers ready for writing.

Incy Wincy Spider

Row Row you Boat / Baby Shark

Down in the jungle song

Make your own play dough at home by following this recipe.

Finger rhymes are also good ways to develop our fine motor skills -

Grandma's Glasses , Garden Workout

Twinkle Twinkle Workout


If your child is ready to hold a pencil, here is a song to help get them to this.


Our core texts

Our Little Wandle focus storybook this term is

Where's Lenny? - click here to listen to the story.

We will be listening to story and focusing on the new vocabulary in the book. We will add actions to the story as we explore new words such as sniffing, wagging and giggling.

Getting ready to write

Squiggle Time. We enjoy squiggle time at nursery. In the videos you will be able to explore how we use dance to encourage mark making.

Dance 1

Dance 2

Dance 3

Using old wallpaper or lining paper and crayons explore some of the different movements that we have been exploring.


We follow Little Wandle Phonics in Nursery.

We play fun games with sounds daily.

This term we are focusing on blending words from the box, playing Bertha the Bus which lets us focus on initial sounds and playing with the intial sounds in our names in the game name play.

We will share some videos over the half term of the games.


This half term (Autumn 2) we are learning to use the language of size, counting principles and comparing amounts of objects.

Our key vocabulary words :

Size : Notice, big, large, small, little

The ______ is smaller/larger than the _______.

Counting: count, how many, total, altogether, cardinal number

The cardinal number is _______.

Comparing: compare, more, fewer, same, equal

There are more _________ than ________ / there are fewer _________ than __________.

Ideas for at home :

Everyday count in the daily routine. Snack time is a really good time to achieve this. Count out how many pieces of apple you would like or how many crackers you would like on the plate and so on. Count as you walk up or down the stairs. Count cars and other things on your daily walk. Compare the size of things within the home and when out abd about.

Games to play together online

Numberblocks Teddy Numbers Picture Matching 5 Fat sausages

Links to stories that you can share together

The Hungry Caterpillar - Count the different foods together.

Big Bear, Small Mouse - Comare the sizes of the animals in the story.

Understanding of the world

We will be exploring celebrations and festivals including bonfire night and Christmas.

Listen to the story Sparks in the Sky to help introduce bonfire night to your child.

Learning about families.

Cbeebies Our Families have lots of clips exploring different families. Watch these together to help talk together about the clips.

Click the link to watch the clips.

Exploring how things work - toys – Exploring wind-up toys, pulleys, cogs with pegs and boards.

Cbeebies Maddie's Do you know have lots of clips exploring different types of toys and how the work. Watch these clips together to help talk about toys.

Click the link to watch the clips


We will be learning lots of new songs for our Christmas Sing and Stay. We will add a song each week so you can listen.

Make a firework print picture. Watch the video for ideas.

Keeping ourSELVES fit and Healthy

Keep Active with these Autumn rhymes.

Sticky Kids -5 Fat Firewords

Sticky Kids - Bonfire Night Rhyme

Sticky Kids - Now it is Autumn

Sticky Kids - Let's go walking

Learn about ways to keep fit and healthy with these clips.

Dental Health - Learn the Brush your teeth song

Keeping Healthy video

Cosmic Kids - keeping our bodies and minds well.

Autumn Cosmic Kids

Activity File Share

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