Year 4

Welcome to the Parrots
and the Kestrels!

With Mrs McMillan (Kestrels) & Miss Molyneux (Parrots)

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Remember to log in to My On to practise your reading skills each day using your Accelerated Reader details. Once you have finished reading your book, take the book quiz. When you log in, you will find projects set that you need to complete. If you need any help with your login, then please contact us on TEAMS or by email.

Year 4 Superstar Readers!

(Week ending 12th February)

Hello year 4!

Hello Kestrels and Parrots!

We are missing you! But we know that we all need to do our bit to keep each other safe. Hopefully it won't be too long until we can see all of your smiling faces again!

This is where you can find your online lessons each week.

We expect everyone to log in to Purple Mash each week to access their spelling lists. There will be a quiz set each week for you to show us how well you have learnt your spellings.

Keep skills sharp! Each week...

  • spend some time practising your times tables. You can do this through some of the links below, or in any other way that you choose! A little bit of practise, often, is usually the easiest way to tackle these tricky maths facts!

  • try to use Oxford Owls, MyOn Digital Library or your own books at home to keep practising the skill of reading. Talk about what you are reading with your parents! Ask questions if you don't understand something, and as you read, make up the pictures in your head like your very own movie! Perhaps you could share a story with younger siblings in the home? We all enjoy a good story!

Please don't forget to email all of your completed work to us! Click on "Tap to Contact" for the email address that you need.

Thank you!

Mrs McMillan and Miss Molyneux.




Each week, choose one book to read and review. You can use your "MyOn" digital library or Oxford Owls (login details below!) to choose a book to read. When you have completed a book of your choice, please complete a book review. (Use the book review template from the file share below, or the book review task on Purple Mash to write about the story.)

We would like all of our children to log in to MyOn everyday! Reading is so important and it needs daily practise! Aim for at least 15 minutes of reading a day. Teachers will be able to see when you have logged in and how much reading you have done. Who will be the Year 4 Star Readers? Find out on a Friday! There will also be some projects set for you to complete based on books that your teacher would like you to read. Please have a go at these too!

Oxford Owl Logins:

Username: kestrels@ips Password: best

Username: parrots@ips Password: best


English Units of Work - Spring 1

We are continuing our new of work this week based on Roald Dahl's "The BFG"!

Click here for your series of lessons.

Week beginning: 22.02.21.

Please start with lesson 6


Banana Group - Week beginning 22.02.21.

We are continuing our unit of work...all about hats and monkeys!

Click here for the lessons

Please start with lesson 6.


Grammar Work

Week beginning - 22.2.21

Monday - LO: To use suffixes correctly

Click here, to help you understand what suffixes are.

Tuesday - LO: To identify paragraphs

Wednesday - LO: To identify apostrophes for plural possession

Click here, to help with apostrophes for plural possession

Thursday - LO: To identify noun phrases

Friday - LO: To use the correct tense.

All activity sheets can be found in the English Folder below.

There will be grammar activities built into the online lessons and some are also set each week on Purple Mash for you to have a go at!



Log in to Purple Mash for your weekly spelling quiz!

Your spelling lists to learn are available in the files below. This week is Spring 2 Week 1. (You will know which spelling group you are in when you log into Purple Mash to see your spelling quiz!)



Look at the file in the English folder below to access your handwriting. You can print the sheets off or do them on your own piece of paper and send a photo to the teacher.


Commencing 22nd February. Any work sheets will be in the Maths folder.

Five A Day arithmetic questions! Click here and then choose either bronze, silver, gold or platinum. Then have a go at each question.

Monday - LO: To understand what area is

Watch this clip (Video 1)

Complete the Monday activity - choose your level: Challenge, Chilli Challenge or Hot Chilli Challenge.

(Activities are in the maths folders below!)

Tuesday - LO: To find area by counting squares.

Watch this clip (Video 1)

Complete the Tuesday activity - choose your level: Challenge, Chilli Challenge or Hot Chilli Challenge.

Wednesday - LO: To make shapes of a given area.

Watch this clip (Video 3)

Complete the Wednesday activity - choose your level: Challenge, Chilli Challenge or Hot Chilli Challenge.

Thursday - LO: To compare areas.

Watch this clip (Video 4)

Complete the activity - choose your level: Challenge, Chilli Challenge or Hot Chilli Challenge.

Friday - LO: To consolidate knowledge and understanding of area.

No video lesson today. Go to and login to find your classwork for today.

To log in, use the school information:

User Name: 889Intack

Password: 759853

Choose "Student" and you can select your class and your name from a list to log in.


Banana Group - (*** all of this week's activity sheets are in one PowerPoint file which can be found in the folders below, or by clicking here ***)

Monday - LO: To find one more and one less (1).

Watch this clip (Video 1)

Complete Monday's activities.

Tuesday - LO: To find one more and one less (2).

Watch this clip (Video 2)

Complete Tuesday's activities.

Wednesday - LO: To compare up to 50 objects.

Watch this clip (Video 3)

Complete Wednesday's activities.

Thursday - LO: To compare numbers within 50.

Watch this clip (Video 4)

Complete Thursday's activities.

Friday - LO: To order numbers within 50.

Watch this clip (Video 5)

Complete Friday's activities.

Remember to log in to Purple Mash to see what else your teacher has set for you!

HOME LEARNING (Science and Topic)


Topic - Healthy Eating

Week beginning - 22.2.21

Lesson 1 - 22.2.21

We would like you to brain storm all your ideas about what you think Healthy Eating is. You could create a KWL grid, like we do in school at the start of new topics.


K is What we already know.

W is What we want to know.

L is What we have learnt so this gets completed at the end of the topic.

Lesson 2 - 26.2.21

Look at the PowerPoint - Healthy Living and Healthy Eating Plate (Found in the Topic folder)

Activity – To create a Healthy eating plate. (Found in Topic folder)


Keep working on your Art Project.

ART project for you to try at home, titled 'A View From My Window'.

I would like you to create a piece of art work that represents a view from your window.

Please go to the Art folder below to get more information to this.

(This is the last week to complete this project!!!)

Other ideas for art - Click here and you'll find lots of fun and exciting activities. Look at Perspective in drawing and painting. Once you have viewed the clip, you can create your own perspective drawing. Initially, to start use an image or photograph very similar to the one in the clip. Thereafter, you can could draw a perspective scene using an image or photograph of choice.


History and Geography


Week beginning: 22.2.21

This week is a Science based week for topic work.


Login to Language Angels Home Learning website for your Spanish lessons.

This term our topic is My Home. Once you click the lesson, make sure you click the Spanish flag and then use the details provided to log in.

Username- Intake4155

Password - lahome

Click here for all your lessons this term.

You could visit BBC Teach to explore Spanish resources.

Click here.


Week beginning - 22.2.21

LO: To give examples of how Christians are inspired by Jesus.

Questions to ask yourself: What does the word ‘inspiring’ mean? Who is inspiring?

First, find out the definition for the word "Inspired"

Then think about people who have inspired you and create a list.

This unit of RE we are going to find out why Jesus is an inspiration to Christians and why Moses is an inspiration to Jewish people. Think about connections between the concept of inspiration and the teaching of Jesus.

Activity: To come up with examples of how Jesus inspired people.


Your geography lessons can be found here .


We are going to be taking part in Young Voices Biggest Sing. Use this YouTube link to access the video that will help you to learn the song and how to sign it!

Please click here for some music lessons.

Forest School

Please click here for your Forest School lesson


Please click here for your PE lesson


Keeping safe. Spring 2.

Week beginning: 22.2.21

The topic this half term is Eat well, live well!


Activity File Share

Below you can see the folders where Miss Molyneux and Mrs McMillan will share the materials you will need for your learning. Just open the folder and click the file you need to open & save.

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