Year 4

Welcome to the Parrots
and the Kestrels!

With Mrs McMillan (Kestrels) & Miss Molyneux (Parrots)

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Remember to log in to My On to practise your reading skills at home using your Accelerated Reader details. Once you have finished reading your book, take the book quiz. When you log in, you will find projects set that you need to complete. If you need any help with your login, then please contact us by email.

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Spring 1 Homework due in on Wednesday 9th February!

Year 4 Superstar Readers!

The following children have achieved the most reading minutes in Year 4: November: Luqman, Eesaa, Musa and Hubert!

December: Madison, Zubair, Sidy, Haroon!

Who will achieve the most reading minutes for January?

Miss Molyneux

Mrs McMillan

Hello year 4!

Hello Kestrels and Parrots!


Below are some of the expectations for your learning in Year 4. Please watch the video for a quick guide on how to log in to , and use, Purple Mash.

In Year 4 we expect you to log in to Purple Mash each week to access your spelling lists. There will be a quiz set each week for you to show us how well you have learnt your spellings. This is your spelling homework.

Keep skills sharp! Each week...

  • spend some time practising your times tables. You can do this through some of the links below, or in any other way that you choose! A little bit of practise, often, is usually the easiest way to tackle these tricky maths facts!

  • use your Home reading book, MyOn Digital Library, Oxford Owls or your own books at home to keep practising the skill of reading. Talk about what you are reading with your parents! Ask questions if you don't understand something, and as you read, make up the pictures in your head like your very own movie! Perhaps you could share a story with younger siblings in the home? We all enjoy a good story!

Please don't forget to email any of your completed homework to us! (Ask a parent for help - please put your name in the email!) Click on "Tap to Contact" for the email address that you need.

Thank you!

Mrs McMillan and Miss Molyneux.




Each week, choose one book to read and review. You can use your home reading book (if you have finished it!), "MyOn" digital library or Oxford Owls (login details below!) to choose a book to read. When you have completed a book of your choice, please complete a book review. (Use the book review template from the file share below, or the book review task on Purple Mash to write about the story.)

Oxford Owl Logins:

Username: kestrels@ips Password: best

Username: parrots@ips Password: best



Log in to Purple Mash for your weekly spelling quiz! You will only see your spellings, so it doesn't matter if you have forgotten which group you are in! Additional spelling resources can be found in the English folder at the bottom of the page - you will need to know your group if you want to use these!


WRITING HOMEWORK (linked to our non-fiction genre of persuasion)

For this homework you have 3 choices:

1) Create a poster to advertise a new brand of toothpaste called "Gleam".

2) Write a script for a radio advert about a new toothpaste called "Gleam".

3) Present (and film!) a video advert for a new toothpaste called "Gleam".



Times Tables

Please use TTRockstars or any other game/app to keep practising your times tables!

Here are some useful links:

Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (

Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (

MTC - Multiplication Tables Check -

Remember to log in to Purple Mash to see what else your teacher has set for you!

HOMEWORK (Science and Topic)



Draw and label a diagram of a human molar tooth. Describe what it looks like. What is its function in the mouth? Where in the mouth is it found? Record 3 ways in which you can look after all of your teeth.


Art - Paul Cezanne

We will be learning about the artist Paul Cezanne.

Create a fact file about the artist and some of his works of art. What sort of style and techniques did he use? You might even want to recreate a famous painting of his!

Look at what else we are learning this half term!


We are considering the question "What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?"

(Hopefully we will be having a Hindu visitor in school to talk to you all about what it is like to be a Hindu!)



We are learning to interpret maps, globes and atlases at a range of scales through learning about where our food comes from.


This year we are learning how to play the djembe, which is an African Drum. Parrots and Kestrels have their drumming lessons on a Thursday morning with their tutor from Bolton Music Service.

10 Facts about Djembe Drums | Fact File

The music genre for the half term is Reggae.

You could ask your parents for permission to listen to some Reggae music on YouTube or another music steaming service? Here is a link with some basic information about the genre:

Reggae Facts for Kids (

Forest School

Children will take part in Forest School sessions every other week on a Tuesday, alternating with PE. Please make sure that your child is dressed for the weather that is forecast for that day!


Children will take part in PE sessions with Mr Fogarty every other week on a Tuesday, alternating with Forest School. Please make sure that your child is appropriately dressed for PE - plain jogging bottoms or leggings, a t-shirt/long sleeved top and a plain jumper/hoodie, along with trainers. Your child will be outside for their PE lessons unless the weather is really poor, in which case, alternative activities will be taught indoors.


Our theme in Y4 for the half term is "Keeping Myself Safe".

The Parrots and Kestrels will have a class assembly each week on a Wednesday where they will cover a range of topics linked to the PSHE curriculum.

Emma Scott, our Place2Be counsellor will also be running sessions with each class in school every half term. Emma will be working with the Kestrels and Parrots on Wednesday 26th January.



Below you can see the folders where Miss Molyneux and Mrs McMillan will share the materials you will need for your learning. Just open the folder and click the file you need to open & save.

Homework Gallery

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