Year 5


Hello Y5.

On this page, you will find any home learning activities to help support your learning.

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You will also find lots of activities to complete on Purple Mash, TT Rockstars and IDL (see the links below).

Mr Miller and Mrs Millner


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Once you have finished reading your book, take the book quiz. When you log in, you will find projects set that you need to complete. If you need any help with your login, then please contact us on TEAMS or by email.

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English Work For Toucan's Summer Bubble. Work for week starting Monday 5th July.

This week we are having a SPAG focus.


Click here to find out more about 'Modal Verbs'.

1.Complete all 3 activities

2. Write a paragraph (3-5 sentences) and include as many 'modal verbs' as you can.

After this you WILL be an expert on Modal verbs.....get it?!


Today's lesson is all about using 'Colons, semi-colons and dashes'. This is tricky stuff so if you make mistakes on the activities have another go-they are very useful in your writing! Click here


We are looking today at verb/subject agreement. Some of this may seem simple, but remember we don't always 'write' how we 'say' things, so pay close attention! Click here


A spelling focus today children where we look at words that include letters that are not pronounced (spoken). Have pencil and paper ready to take notes and make a list of the 'un-stressed letter' words. Click here


Toucan's Class Summer Bubble. Work for week starting 5th July.

No new writing genre this week Toucans, but there is plenty of work to complete.

Don't forget to:

1.Complete daily SPAG activities (look left).

2. Finish your Persuasive Letter from last week.

3. Practice your handwriting.

4. Try a reading comprehension in the English Folder below.

5. Continue MYON reading and/or enjoy reading a book of your own.

For previous lessons, please see the English folder below.


Continue to read your books using MyON.

You can also find some reading activities here .

You will also find some reading comprehensions in the English folder below.


Toucan's Class Summer Bubble. Work for week starting 5th July.

You will need a pencil and paper ready.


Today we are looking at measurement and converting between the different units of measurement. Click here for today's lesson, take your time it can be tricky to remember them all!


Today it's angles we are studying click here. Again work carefully and pay close attention, angles can be complicated!


Another angles day, see how you are comparing and sorting angles click here.


Last day, see how you are working out angles on a straight line, please click here. Then try angles that meet at a point click here.

Don't forget to log-on to TTrockstars and keep practising your x table and related facts.

Click here

Click here for PURPLE MASH


Don't forget to work on your 'To-dos' on Purple Mash and check out the math's game link across the page.

Maths Revision

There are lots of previous maths questions and activities in the Maths Folder. This is found in the Activity File Share....found below!


Here are 10 Arithmetic

Questions for week starting 5th July.

1. 22 / ? = 0.22

2. Round 54368 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10'000.

3. 25 x ? = 500

4. ? = 3.9 + 6.09

5. ? + 14'600 = 30'000

6. How many minutes in 5 and 3/4 hours ?

7. Write in words 235'786

8. 9172 - 3563 =

9. 8463 - 4716 =

10. ? kg = 5750 g

( / means divide)


to test your general maths knowledge!


Check out these interactive activities to improve your Science knowledge or revise our topics from this year..

Living things click here

Life cycles click here

Electricity click here

Materials click here

Light click here


Lines of Longitude and Latitude

Ever wondered how time is ordered around the world and what a 'Time Zone' is?

Have a click here and find out more!

Don't forget to take notes before trying the quiz!


Click here for a series of lessons on 'Money Matters.


Work through these

lessons on Sikhism..

Click here


Toucan's Bubble ART

Work on your self-portraits-remember to start with your eyes and work from there. Use faint pencil strokes and try not to rub out too much! Be sure to include all the small details on your face too.

HEY YOU..! Fancy a little bit of mindfulness and quiet time? Check out the drawing activities in the ART file below, guaranteed to take your mind away from any hassles. All you need is a pencil..enjoy!


For our Music lessons this half term, you will need to log on to YUMU on Charanga for our unit Year 5 ''Dancing In The Street . CLICK HERE for the login page.

Your username is your full name in lower case. For example. John Smith would be johnsmith. Password is jays or toucans.



Remember, that while we are at home, it is important to keep yourself active and healthy not just for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental health. There are workouts available to do at any time on Joe Wick's YouTube channel - CLICK HERE to access.


Here are some Language Angels learning Spanish units you can do at home. This term we are studying 'Puedo (I can)' Unit 1, looking at 'Basic Vocabulary' Unit 3 and 'Los Animales'. CLICK HERE to find out more! Use these log in details.

Username- intake4155 Password- lahome

While at home, you could visit BBC Teach to explore Spanish resources.

CLICK HERE to explore videos about how to introduce yourself in Spanish, talk about your likes and dislikes, the days of the week, nouns, colours, clothes and giving directions.


Please click here for your Forest school lesson


If you have any questions, please email us on this address đŸ˜€


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