Year 2

With Miss Bretherton and Miss Duerden

Hello year 2!

Welcome back after your half term holidays! We hope you have had a good rest and enjoyed some quality time with your families at home!

We hope you're now all ready for another busy half-term. We have lots of new and exciting things to learn about, including multiplication, division, animals including humans and looking at new stories including The Gruffalo, Look Up! and Clean Up!.

We look forward to seeing you!

Miss Bretherton and Miss Duerden

Miss Bretherton



sparrows home learning - week commencing 28th june


Monday 28th June

L.O. To use co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions

Look at the picture on the sheet called ‘Monday 28th June Picture Stimulus’ in the ‘Sparrows Home Learning’ – ‘English’ file.

I want you to use your imagination and create your own story. Think about the setting, the characters and the storyline. Write an opening to your story and try to use the conjunctions ‘when’, ‘because’, ‘if’, ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘but’. Remember to ask an adult to email your work so we can read your amazing story openings.

Hungry Caterpillars

L.O. To join words and clauses using ‘and’

Look at the picture on the sheet called ‘Monday 28th June Picture Stimulus Hungry Caterpillars’ in the ‘Sparrows Home Learning’ – ‘English’ file. Think of at least 3 sentences using ‘and’ and say each sentence 3 times. Write your sentences down using your phonic knowledge. Don’t forget to use capital letters and full stops. I’m looking forward to reading your sentences.



L.O. To solve multiplication problems using pictorial representations

Open the file ‘Multiplication problems’ in the ‘Sparrows Home Learning’ – ‘Maths’ file. Solve the multiplication problems by skip counting in the correct multiples. Think about which multiple you will be counting in by looking carefully at the multiplication problem. Make sure you count the correct number of times. Think carefully about each one and check it twice.


Open the file ‘Multiplication Challenge Word Problems’ in the ‘Sparrows Home Learning’ – ‘Maths’ file.

Can you solve the word problems using your knowledge of counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10s?

Hungry Caterpillars

L.O. To solve word problems that include doubling

Open the file ‘Hungry Caterpillars Doubling Word Problems’ in the ‘Sparrows Home Learning’ – ‘Maths’ file.

Ask an adult to read the word problems to you. Can you work out the answer to the problem using your knowledge of doubling? Draw the dienes underneath each problem to help you if needed. Think carefully about the number that needs doubling.


Can you write the repeated addition for each word problem?

For Example:

Double 2

.. ..

2 + 2 = 4


Home Reading

Monday 28th June

Read your reading book until you become confident with the story. Retell an adult the story in detail using the vocabulary you have learnt from the story.

Reading for Pleasure

Choose one of your favourite things to read and share it with an adult at home. Remember, reading is not always about reading a book, it can be a recipe, instructions, a magazine etc.

Happy reading year 2!

science/Creative Curriculum (Topic)

Monday 28th June

Last week we started to learn about Florence Nightingale. Use the video and the PowerPoint to remind yourself about the key facts that we have learnt. Create a fact file all about Florence Nightingale using the template provided or create your own. Think about answering the following questions when you are filling in your facts:

· When was she born?

· What did she do?

· Why did she become a nurse?

· What was she also known as?

· What changes did she make to hospitals?


Florence Nightingale


Please follow the link here, to access your child's online reading books. Use the log in details your child brought home to access your child's account and then follow the instructions below.

Your child's login

Username: initial of first name, followed by a space and then your child's full surname

Password: Intack21

When you have logged in please click on the tab that says 'Reading Planet Online for Reception and KS1'.

Once you have clicked on the tab your child's name will come up and three tabs will appear above your child's name ('My Books', 'My Achievements' and 'Books I've Read').

If you click on the tab 'My Books', there will be a book that I would like your child to read each week. Please get your child to read their book and complete the relevant quizzes that are linked to the chosen book.

If you click on the tab 'My Achievements', you and your child can have a look at how well your child is doing with their online quizzes that are linked to the books that they have read. Your child will be awarded bronze, silver and gold stars online for each book that they read on their online reading planet account.

If you click on the tab 'Books I've Read' it will allow you and your child to have a look at all the books they have read online in the past.

REMEMBER: It's really important that you have a go at reading the book on your own and you can always ask an adult for help if you're struggling and try to have a go at the little quizzes on your own too!

We hope you enjoy using our NEW online reading platform and we can't wait to see how many bronze, silver and gold stars you achieve!

Happy reading year 2 and good luck with your stars!

science week

This week has been our science week in school. This year the theme was 'innovating the future'.

In class we learnt about what the words 'invention' and 'innovation' mean and then we thought about what new inventions we could create to change people's lives in the future. Some of our ideas included: a hover car, a learning doll, a wardrobe changer, a handwashing maker and a litter aeroplane.

We also did lots of investigations, looking at changes over a short period of time and comparing different biscuits to see which one was the strongest.

We tested 4 different types of biscuits: custard creams, digestives, rich tea fingers and jammie dodgers. We discovered that the custard cream was the strongest biscuit because it survived the longest in the coffee before breaking into 2 pieces.

We also looked at how warm water made the colours in skittles run into each other to make a colourful pattern. We decided that we could see the colour red the most because it was the darkest coloured skittle.

We have had great fun this week investigating and inventing different things. Please take a look at our photographs below to find out more about what we have been getting up to in our classroom.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Please use the 100 High Frequency Words list, under the Useful Resources to do spellings with your child, as well as our spellings subject section below.

Please log in to Letter Join, under the Useful Websites section and choose letters and words for your child to do for Handwriting. Log in details can be found in your child's Autumn Term Report and also under the useful websites section on this page.

year 2 HOMEWORK challenges


This half term we are looking at another story written by Jill Murphy called 'Peace at Last'.

Why not have a listen to our new story by clicking on the link below?

Peace at Last - YouTube

  1. Have a go at retelling the story to an adult and discuss what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the story.

  2. Have a look at the pictures below from our class story. Write some sentences about each picture and try to use the conjunctions 'and', 'but', 'or', 'when', 'if' and 'because'. Don't forget to include capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in your sentences too and make sure you read your sentences to check that they make sense.

  3. Think of a new place where Mr Bear might be trying to sleep. What noises might be keeping him awake now?

  4. Pretend to be Mr Bear. Answer the following questions: How are feeling Mr Bear? What could you hear in the garden/living room/kitchen/bedroom/Baby Bear's bedroom? What do you think you will do next now that you have woken up?


Miss Hussain's Phonics Group - Sound Review

Phase 2 Phonics Letter Sounds - YouTube

Phase 1 Phonics I Spy Game | I spy, with my little eye... - YouTube

Miss Bretherton's Phonics Group - Sound Review

Simply Phonics: Phase 3 Phonics | Letters and Sounds - YouTube

Miss Scott's Phonics Group - Sound Review

Phase 5 Phonics | Vowel Digraphs ay ou ie ea | Learn to Blend - YouTube

Phase 5 Phonics | Vowel Digraphs oy ir ue aw | Learn to Blend - YouTube

Phase 5 Phonics | Vowel Digraphs ew oe au ey | Learn to Blend - YouTube

Phase 5 Phonics | Split Digraphs | Learn to Blend with Phonics - YouTube

Our Tricky Words

Miss Hussain's

the to I

no go into

Miss Bretherton's Group

he she we

me be you

all are her

was they my

Miss Scott's Group
oh Mrs people

their called Mr

looked asked could


Week Commencing 12th April













Hungry Caterpillars






It's very important that you practise these spellings every day. When you are practising your spellings, you can practise writing the words, practise putting the words into sentences and practise writing sentences with those words in them.


Instructions for Letter Join

Please click here to access Letter Join

STEP 1: Log into Letter Join with your login details below:

Robins Class Login

Username: intack_5

Password: robins

Sparrows Class Login

Username: intack_6

Password: sparrows

STEP 2: When you have logged in, click on the blue tab for 'easy letters' and the green tab for 'harder letters'

STEP 3: Then you can click on the picture of the speaker under each word to remind yourself of how we pronounce and read the word.

STEP 4: Then click onto the letter to see a video of how to write the word correctly, starting and finishing in the correct places.

STEP 6: Once you have watched the video on how to write each word, click on the blue icon underneath that is labelled 'try'.

Creative Curriculum (Topic)

This term we are going to be looking at comparing the UK to Kenya.

We would like you to research facts all about Kenya and start to think about how it is the same and how it is different to the UK. Use the pictures below to help think about the similarities and differences too.

Art Project

It's time to get creative!

Because our topic for this half term is about animals and their habitats, we would like you to get creative and re-create your FAVOURITE habitat!

Think of your favourite habitat and do some research about what your habitat looks like. You can do some of your own research and you can also use the links in the science tab on this page to help you decide which habitat you would like to do.

Once you have chosen your habitat, we would like you to have a go at making your chosen habitat using different resources in your house, such as cardboard boxes, paper, string, tissue paper, glue, paint etc.

When you have made your very own habitat, please send us a picture of your creation. We cannot wait to see them!

Use the photographs below for some inspiration! Good luck year 2!

Religious Education (RE)

PSHE (Jigsaw/Scarf)

QUESTION: How can we look after our environment?

It's important that we lok after our environment for both ourselves and the living things around us.

We would like you to researchingg all about how we can look after our environment. Once you have done your research, please create a poster with lots of facts and pictures that will tell your teachers how we can keep our environment safe, clean and tidy!

REMEMBER: When you do research you should do it with an adult so that you can keep safe whilst online!

We have put some useful websites below that you may want to use to do some research all about looking after our environment. Please also use the photographs below for some inspiration for your own posters!

Good luck year 2 and we cannot wait to have a look at your informative posters!

Useful websites

What should I do with my rubbish? - KS1 PSHE and Citizenship - BBC Bitesize

PSHE KS1: Super Mood Movers - Taking care of our world - BBC Teach

Caring for the environment | TheSchoolRun

Save Our World - YouTube

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, to enjoy a better life | Educational Video for Kids. - YouTube


Please click here for your PE lessons with Mr Fogarty

REMEMBER: exercise is really important for our bodies to keep ourselves healthy.

Click on the link to do PE with Joe Wicks -

Forest School

Please click here for your Forest School lessons with Miss Haworth

Please make sure you email your work to us as you complete it!
Use the email address in the 'Tap to contact us' section of this page.

Homework overview - SUMMER 1

Activity File Share

Below you can see the folders where we share the materials you will need for your learning. Just open the folder and click the file you need to open & save.

Contact us and email us your work!

Send all of your work to us using this email address. If you have any questions, please email us on this address 😀


Oxford Owl

Robins Class Login

Username: IntackRobins

Password: Robins

Sparrows Class Login

Username: IntackSparrows

Password: Sparrows

Letter Join

Robins Class Login

Username: intack_5

Password: robins

Sparrows Class Login

Username: intack_6

Password: sparrows

Purple Mash


BBC Bitesize

Oak Academy

Top Marks Education