Year 3

With Miss McKee & Mrs Sleigh

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Hello Year 3s !!

Welcome to our class page. Please spend time each day completing the lessons on this page. Please also look at your 2dos each day on Purplemash. Remember that your passwords for all the websites are on your report that we emailed to you last term. If you can't find them or need a reminder please email us.

Every time you complete a piece of work, email it to us at the email address below. We're looking forward to seeing your work.

Thank you very much.

Miss McKee and Mrs Sleigh

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home learning February 22nd to 26th

English-Every day Complete 20 mins SPAG, 30 mins Reading and the writing lesson.

SPAG - Spelling, Punctuation and grammar

Week beginning 8.2.21

Log in to Purplemash at the bottom of this page. We have set activities for you at your level. Also check out this week's spellings. Remember which spelling group you are in: 1,2 or 3. Learn the spellings and ask someone in your family to test you on Friday.

Don't forget for extra spelling practice, you can also go onto IDL at the bottom of this page.

Monday - Write out your spellings 4 times neatly, saying the word out loud as you write. Read these every day twice.

Tuesday and Wednesday- Complete Purplemash SPAG activities. If they are all done then go onto IDL. Remember you must complete the lesson to move on.

Thursday- Practise neat joined handwriting using the handwriting sheet in the English work folder at the bottom of the page. Copy very neatly! When you have finished go back and check your own writing and draw a small smiley face next to the writing you are most proud of.

Friday- Ask someone in your family to test you on your spellings. Good luck! Then go onto IDL and complete a lesson.

PRACTISE COMMON EXCEPTION WORDS HERE. Look on the Wizard's wall choose your spelling group then pick any spell book to see the words you are practising. Then click the big green go button! The spooky spelling is shown then it disappears and you have to spell it using the candles and click check to see if the skull says it is correct!


Keep practising your reading every day to improve your skills.

Choose a book on MyOn on the link below. Read it. Once you feel confident on it find the quiz for that book on MyOn and answer the questions about it. Remember, you can only do the quiz for each book once, so if you don't feel confident, re-read the book before you complete the quiz.

Keep checking your own progress and how many minutes you have read for. Try to beat your score each week!



Click the link here.

In MyOn your user name is the first initial of your first name and 4 letters of your surname. Your password is abc.

So Mickey Mouse would be username mmous

password abc

Email if you are struggling to find you way in.

Reading comprehension task this week.

Please look in the English folder at the bottom of the page and then have a look in the Reading Comprehension folder week 4 (choose your level). You don't need to print them out, just write the answers into your book. Email us your work. Thank you


English work for this week.

We are going to be looking at a famous book which you may already know.

It is called “The Day The Crayons Quit“ written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

All of the crayons in the story write letters to their owner to persuade him that they are the best crayon. We will look at the key features of persuasive letters. At the end of this unit we will write some persuasive letters.

Get ready

To be ready each day, you will need to have these things:

1.a pencil 2. a book 3. your brain thinking hard!

Each morning, before you begin, write the short date and the lesson objective into your book. Underline it with your ruler.

Monday – L.O. To share and discuss a story

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

Click here for the lesson

Listen to the story then create some complex sentences using because.

Look in the folder to find some sentence starters.

Next take a photo of your work and email it to us.

Tuesday – L.O To investigate silent letters.

Click here for the lesson

There are lots of interesting spellings in English and some common words have silent letters. This lesson will help you to look at patterns in these silent letters and learn to spell these common tricky words. Copy out the list of words with silent letters from this lesson. (You could underline the silent letters too). Look carefully to make sure you have copied the spelling exactly right.

Send us an email of your work.

Wednesday L.O. To explore conjunctions

Click here for the lesson

This lesson will help to practise your sentence writing skills.

We will remember about the conjunctions we can use in compound sentences.

Use the sheet in the English folder to practise writing compound sentences.

Email us your work today.

Thursday- L.O. To explore the features of the persuasive letters

in “The Day The Crayons Quit”

Click here for the lesson

Look through the letters then read the checklist of features. Finally underline the features that you can find in the letter if the folder. Use the check list in there to help you.

Email us your work.

Friday L.O. To develop a rich understanding of words associated with negative emotions

Click here for the lesson

Look at the fabulous new words. Find out what they mean and match them with synonyms (other words which mean the same). Practise creating useful word pairs and then use some of the new words in your own sentences.

Choose one of the 3 worksheets in the folder and complete it.

Email us a photo of your sentences from your book.

Well done for all your hard work this week!

Try hard in all your work to keep writing neatly in joined handwriting. We can't wait to read it. Send us your completed work by email each day. Thank you!


Once you have completed your work don't forget to send your teacher a picture of it! All worksheets can be found in the Maths folder at the bottom of the page.

Week Commencing 22nd February 2021

Monday LO to add coin/note values to find a total amount.

Complete the worksheet MON Pounds and Pence once you have watched this clip.

Tuesday L.O. to convert pounds and pence.

Watch this clip and complete the worksheet titled TUES Convert pounds and pence.

Wednesday LO to add money, pounds and pence.

Complete the worksheet titled WEDS Add Money once you have watched this clip.

Thursday LO to subtract money.

Watch the clip and complete the worksheet titled THURS Subtract Money.

Friday LO to give change.

Watch the clip and complete the worksheet titled FRI Giving Change.

Remember to use TT Rockstars Daily and challenge yourself to get better each day!


We are going to find out all about


Our Science topic is all about plants and their habitats.

Have a pencil and paper ready for each lesson. There is a short quiz at the beginning of each lesson.

You will also find it useful to write down the key words at the start of each lesson and test yourself at the end to see if you can remember them. Good luck!

Week 1 Let’s get started by reminding ourselves of what we know

Click here Which conditions affect the growth of a plant?

Then click here What are the parts and functions of a plant?

Week 2 lesson click here. What are the parts and functions of a flower?

Week 3 lesson click here. What are the parts of a plant’s life cycle?

Week 4 lesson click here. INVESTIGATION- How does a plant transport water?

Week 5 lesson click here. How do plants adapt to different environments?


Welcome to the world of Biomes Year 3!!

This is the topic we are going to find more about this half term!

Make sure you've got your geography heads switched on!!!

For each lesson, you will need a pencil, ruler and your workbook!

You will need to write down any key words given and complete the tests at the beginning and end of each lesson. Each lesson will have a worksheet in the 'Geography Folder' to complete.

Week 1 Lesson 1 - What are the Earth's biomes? Click here! Don't forget to complete the worksheet.

Week 2 Lesson 2 - What affects an ecosystem? Click here! Find the worksheet in the Geography folder at the bottom of this page.

Week 3 Lesson 3 - Climate Zones. Read through the PowerPoint in the Geography folder at the bottom of this page and then complete the Climate Zone worksheet.

Week 4 Lesson 4 - research week - 'Vegetation Belt'. This week I would like you complete the worksheet in the folder - week 4.

Sections 1 and 2 are straightforward.

Section 3 - Find at least 5 plants that can be found in that 'belt' area of land, if you find more that would be fantastic. In the section 'Any other interesting facts' I would like you to find at least 3 'strange/bizarre/wacky' facts about the area and why they are so interesting!

Week 5 Lesson 5 - The water cycle. Click here to learn more about the 'water cycle'. Make sure you complete the quiz at the end of the page.

Task - create your own poster showing how the water cycle works. Use the new vocabulary in your poster, keep it neat and explain each stage properly. Send your pictures in so that we can share with the rest of the school our fabulous geography work!

Once done complete the worksheet, take a picture and send it by email


This half term we are finding out about how and why religious communities celebrate festivals and we will focus on how Christians prepare to celebrate Easter.

Week 1 Click here to find out about the festival of Chinese New Year which was earlier this month.

Week 2 Click here to find out about how the festivals of Eid ul Fitr and Eid al Adha are celebrated in Islam

Week 3 click here to find out about Christianity. Then click here to find out about the life of Jesus.

Week 4 Click here to find out how Christians prepare for Easter during the month of Lent.

Week 5 Click here to find out what Christians are celebrating at the festival of Easter. Look at the events of Holy Week on the same page too. Watch this clip to see how Christian celebrations link back to the events of Jesus's life, death and resurrection.

Art Look in our Art folder at the bottom of this page. click on the Windows Gallery folder to see our fabulous work.

send us your drawings of your View from a window

Our Lockdown Art Project

We have an exciting art project to complete in February!

It is called Windows.

First look at a range of paintings by famous artists showing views from their windows. Everyone’s views are different. Some are exciting and some are familiar. We have even included a view that could be through a window in a dream…

Task 1:

wc 1st February

Warm up

Choose and complete one of the drawing warm-up activities in the art folder 'Drawing Warm-Up Activities'.

Look closely

There is a painting by Marie Louise Von Motesiczky. Look closely at it then draw labelling lines and write notes of all that you notice around the edges.

Task 2 wc 8th February

Warm up

Choose another of the warm up drawing activities from the folder to complete.

Copy your favourite

Look at all of the window paintings in the folder and choose your favourite. Then copy this as carefully as you can using any materials you have. You could draw it in coloured pencils, felt pens, or sketch and shade it in normal pencil or even draw it in pen. Can you try to keep all the details from the original in your version?

Task 3 wc 15th February (half term)

Warm up

Choose another of the warm up drawing activities from the folder to complete.

Plan your version

Have a look out of the windows in your house. Choose your favourite one and begin to plan out a picture. How much can you include? Don’t worry if you have to just select a part of the view. Don’t worry if it is near or far or a very familiar object. You are the artist. Decide what you will put in. This is your choice so it can’t be wrong. You might decide to do a view from a real window, a dream window or from a window that you remember.

Task 4 wc 22nd February

Warm up

Choose another of the warm up drawing activities from the folder to complete.

Draw and Create

Draw your view in any materials you have at home. Ask before you use paints and please do not make a mess! We want this to be a fun activity! Sometimes drawing in pencil, pen or felt tips could be the best option. You decide.

Add plenty of detail and sign your masterpiece when it is finished!

We are hoping to display all of our effort in a virtual gallery on the Virtual School.

We can’t wait to see your completed work. You can take photos of your work as you complete it as well as at the end.

Have fun and be creative!

w/c 28 February

LO To think about why colour is important in art.

Click here to explore using colour in our work. Be ready for some warm up drawing exercises too!

w/c 8th March

LO To explore shadows

Click here to look closely at shadows around us and to practise shading.

w/c 15th March

LO To use shades and tones in our art work

Click here to look closely at shades and tones and to see how we can add them to our drawing.

w/c 22nd March

LO To create observational drawings

Click here to find our how to practise our observational drawing skills, adding all the detail we can see.

Useful Websites


This half term we will focu on Geography which links to our Plants and their Habitats topic.


We will have 1 music lesson each week in this Spring term.

To log in, your username is your full name and your password is your class name (all lowercase)

For example, if Mickey Mouse was in Kingfishers class, his login details would be: Username: mickeymouse Password: kingfishers

The song we are going to learn is called 'The Dragon Song', by Joanna Mangona and Pete Readman.

This song is about kindness, respect, friendship, acceptance and happiness.

Each week there will be a new song/tune to appraise (assess/evaluate).

Week 1 click here. Listen and appraise 'The Dragon Song'.

Week 2 click here. Listen and appraise 'Birdsong'.

Week 3 click here. Listen and appraise 'Vaishnava Jana'.

Week 4 click here. Listen and appraise 'Turkish Traditional Tune'.

Week 5 click here. Listen and appraise 'Aitutaki Drum Dance'.


We will have one lesson per week in Spanish!

This term we will be introducing ten musical instruments. You will learn how to use the phrase 'Toco... (I play...) so you can start to build phrases and sentences.

Click on the lesson, enter your login details - username Intake4155 password lahome, select Spanish, Entry Level Challenge Unit 2: Los Instrumentos ( Musical Instruments).

Any worksheets you need will be in the Spanish folder at the bottom of this page.

Week 1 Lesson 1 - First 5 musical instruments.

Week 2 Lesson 2 - Second 5 musical instruments.

Week 3 Lesson 3 - All 10 musical instruments.

Week 4 Lesson 4 - How to say 'Toco...' (I play...).

Week 5 Lesson 5 - Full Unit revision.

Don't forget to send in your work once completed, it would be great to see all your Spanish work mi amigos!!


This term we will be looking at:

  • Friendship

  • Getting on with others

  • Healthy relationships

  • Listening to feelings

  • Understanding other people’s feelings

  • Assertive skills

Click here to find the CORAM/SCARF at Home activities for this half term.

EAL English as an Additional Language

Look in this area for work that will help to improve your English. There will be counting work, simple calculations, basic English vocabulary and songs to learn.


Try these activities and songs several times to learn new words. Have fun!


  • Listen to a song, watch the words as you sing along.

This is about a bear called Sue.

Abracadabra a body parts song.

Superheroes song about superpowers.

A traditional song about An old lady who swallowed a fly.

Grammar work

  • Listen out for all the verbs (doing words) that end in "ing" when you click on this rap.

  • Look at past tense verb ending in this video.

  • Practise your ABC with this game! It is fast!!


Try out these activities a few times to learn new words ans skills.


  • Practise counting and matching numbers 1 to 10 here.



Forest School

Please click here for your Forest School lesson with Miss Haworth


Please click here for your PE lessons with Mr Fogarty

All About Expectations in Year 3

ask an adult to help you to email your work to us.

HOmework overview - Spring 2


Keep practising your reading to improve your skills.

Both classes have a login for Oxford Owls. Click here or at the bottom of this page. You can then choose free fiction or non fiction e books. Use the age range as a guide but if you find texts are too easy or hard move into the next band. All the username and password details are at the bottom of this page.

You might also like to have a look in the Virtual library! Pick a few books to read just for fun! Jaqueline Wilson will tell you how to access it....



Click here to access your very own digital library. You will need your login details to access this.

PhotoStory0 Paddington Helps Out In The Garden by Magpies Class.wmv

Try listening to a fabulous NEW Paddington story created by Magpies Class

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Have a look at the very bottom of this page to find links to other fun activities for your child .

Thank you.

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