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Head Teacher's Message

Welcome to our Virtual Learning Platform.

This platform allows learners to access their learning and serves as a platform to showcase some of the implementation and impact of our curriculum and learning.

If you are a learner please click on your year group to get started. On your year group page you will see messages from your class teachers and lots of activities to do every day. Grown-Ups will also be able to communicate with your teachers via the email addresses on each page about your work or any other questions they might have.

If you are a visitor, please have a look around the platform to find out about the wonderful things we do. If you would like to comment on our platform, something you have seen or enjoyed looking at, please leave your comment on our Facebook page.

Take care, Mrs Cairney


Mrs Forrest

Mrs Hackett


Miss Duerden

Mrs Wogden

Year 1

Mrs Kell

Mrs Clamp

Year 2

Ms Makda

Miss Bretherton

Year 3

Miss McKee

Mrs Sleigh

Year 4

Mrs McMillan

Miss Molyneux

Year 5

Mrs Millner

Mr Barry

Year 6

Mr Miller

Mrs Byrne

Physical Education (PE)

Mr Fogarty


Miss Haworth


Have you completed your
weekly tasks and emailed them
to your teacher?


Join Mrs Cairney for assemblies, lots of info and class assemblies.


Join us for story time with
Mrs Aliouane, Mrs Hamriding
and Mr Taylor


Lots of resources for you and your child to try at home!


Lots of resources for you and your child to try at home!


Find lots of useful information about how you can
stay safe online.


Find lots of useful information about recycling, clean-ups and the Eco-Council at IPS.


Lots of fun reading activities and challenges to complete, coming soon!

Pupil and parent surveys

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